// Studied under Prof. Fritz Emonts and Prof. Ludger Maxsein at the Folkwang University
// in Essen, majoring in piano
// Attended a number of master classes during his studies, under Peter Feuchtwanger,
// Roberto Szidon and Rudolf Kehrer, to name but some
// After graduating, he studied privately under Peter Feuchtwanger in London
// (Publication of the compositions of Peter Feuchtwanger - music and DVD)
// Has performed in concerts as a solo pianist and accompanying singers in Germany,
// Austria, Switzerland, England and Scandinavia
// CD and DVD releases

“In a world where there are pianists in abundance, Achim Clemens is a rarity: Not only has he taken
many of the neglected compositions, which the great pianists of the Golden Age of Piano had made
their own, and added them to his own repertoire, his mastery of the piano is also extremely
reminiscent of the musical craft of those great masters of the past.”

Peter Feuchtwanger
Vice President E.P.T.A. (U.K.)
(European Piano Teachers Association)